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As a boy, growing up in a blue collar neighborhood near Cleveland Ohio, I was always interested in planning for the future. Excelling in Math and Science and with a very strong desire for independence, I joined the Navy at the age of 18. My Mother was a “Night Shift” RN and my Dad, a machinist mechanic, was “Mr. Mom” for four kids in the evening. In the Navy, I became a Data Systems Technician, working on a number of ships throughout my career.



In 1983, I left the Navy to attend college on the GI bill and received my degree in Electronic Engineering. People always ask what brought me to Caroline. My early years growing up in Ohio are directly connected to my reason for being in this community. As a teenager, I helped to farm about 1,000 acres owned by a longtime friend. I knew I wanted to live in a place where I could own a few acres and a tractor without parking lots and concrete. Looking for a place to settle down, I drove through Caroline, which was close to my job in Dahlgren, and found the home I had been looking for.


I am the prime example of a man who needs to work in an area which offers technology but wants to live in paradise. I am married to the former Susan Medley and live in the family home, land which was once part of a historic estate known as Broadhurst in the county seat of Bowling Green. Our home, Red Barn View, is named for the old dairy barn which sits directly across the street. While our greatest joy is serving our community, we spend our “down time” biking, canoeing and fishing. I have two Chesapeake Bay Retrievers, Noor and Fitz, and I enjoy spending time with them on the Rappahannock and Mattaponi Rivers. Guests are always welcome in our home. Please call and come by to see me to discuss your thoughts and vision for the future.

—Jeff Sili

Professional and Community Profile

  • Senior Systems Engineer
  • Degree in Electronic Engineering from Norfolk State
  • 6 Years Active Duty U.S. Navy
  • Caroline County Board of Supervisors 2008-Present
  • Caroline County School Board 1992-1999
  • Board Member George Washington Regional Commission
  • Fredericksburg Chamber of Commerce Military Affairs Council
  • Past President Caroline Chamber of Commerce
  • Member American Legion
  • Past President Caroline Ruritans


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