My Top Priorities

  • Our Public School System–Supporting measures which ensure a great education for our children is of vital importance to the future growth of Caroline County.
  • Budget–Continue to work to eliminate the wasteful spending resulting in the debt load threatening to bankrupt Caroline’s future.
  • Utilities–I will continue to advocate for the development of a real, long term water/utility plan that makes sense for all county residents including the creation of self supporting Utility districts.
  • Business–I will support intelligent, common sense growth polices that advocate the attraction of smart, compatible new business in the appropriate areas of Caroline County, while also advocating the retention and expansion of those already located here.
  • Agriculture–To promote polices that support the prosperity of the agricultural community upon whose traditions and hard work the foundation of the county was built.
  • Transparency–Continue to engage people in the process of governance. Effective goverment starts with informed citizens.
  • Connecting Beyond Caroline–As promised, I will continue to provide a close link and ongoing dialog with our elected officials in Richmond and Washington, with the idea that Caroline is not an Island, acknowledging that decisions made there also affect the life of the residents of this county.