The Vision



Caroline has been my home now for over three decades. In discussing growth, I often hear people compare us to Spotsylvania, King George and Stafford. I ask them to recognize that we not those counties but have unique place in the Commonwealth of Virginia.

Caroline is the 11th largest county in the state with our business and commercial growth area positioned strategically on I-95. Within our borders however lie some of the most breathtaking rural acreage in Virginia. A land of waterways, Caroline’s large land mass is drained by the Pamunkey, the North Anna, the Mattaponi and the Rappahannock River. Citizens have the opportunity to enjoy a small quaint town like Bowling Green or reside in a 17th century village near the shores of the Rappahannock in Port Royal.

Farms which have been in families for a hundred plus years can still be found in Caroline while “new farmettes” have appeared in the last decade with owners who recognize here they can have what so many other localities have lost, a small piece of paradise.

New homeowners are attracted to the modern lifestyle of the Lake and Golf communities in Western Caroline near the growth area adjacent to I-95. No other locality in the state offers such residential choice or prime location for business, while retaining the charm, history and rural character of Caroline.

Our large and unique county with its diverse population must continue to work together recognizing these very things as assets for a bright future. I will continue to advocate for smart business, growth, better education and preservation of our rural character. I am a determined and optimistic leader with a heart for Caroline County Virginia and ask for your vote on November 5, 2019.


Jeff and Tim Bevard of Aggregate Industries look over the sand and gravel operation the company owns in southern Caroline on the border with King William County. With support from the Caroline Board of Supervisors in obtaining a special exception permit, Aggregate was able to expand the operation into the county.



Bowling Green District Supervisor Jeff Sili and former Virginia State Fair President, Jeff Dillon together on “Parade Day” which kicks off the start of the Fair held in Caroline every September. Said Sili, “In 2014, 238,000 people visited Caroline County, Virginia courtesy of the State Fair. The marketing staff here are second to none and have recently been recognized internationally. (Click for State Fair Awards) We are grateful to have this completely family oriented operation in the county as well as all the other events they bring to our locality, including trade shows, conference and weddings.”


Jeff Sili, Senator Ryan McDougle at the opening of VSE Corporation in 2008 in Caroline County.



VSE Corporation provides complete life cycle engineering, logistics, maintenance, and refurbishment services to extend and enhance the life of existing military equipment.