Historic Mulberry Place 2009

Historic Mulberry Place was the site on September 26th of an event honoring Gubernatorial candidate, Bob McDonnell and Lt. Governor Candidate, Bill Bolling. Attending were 1st District Congressmen Rob Wittman, Senator Ryan McDougle, and Delegate Chris Peace. Other elected officials who attended were Bowling Green Mayor, David Storke, Town Councilman Daniel Webb, Clerk of the Caroline Court, Ray S. Campbell Jr and Sheriff Tony Lippa.

Sponsors included Gil and Judy Shelton of Moss Neck Manor, Dr. and Mrs. Angus Muir of Prospect Hill and Dr. and Mrs. Michael Trahos of Mulberry Place. Business Sponsors were Webb and Associates, L.J. Moyer of Century 21 Classic Real Estate in Ladysmith, Roger Cole of Highway Service Ventures and Cheryl English of English Acres Nursery in Woodford. Guests hailed from all over Virginia including Litt and Tommy Thompson of Virginia Land Investments in Richmond, Jim Land, secretary of the NRA, 1st District Republican Chairman Tom Foley of Gloucester and Trish King, Vice Mayor of Colonial Beach.

The day featured a foxhunting demonstration by The Caroline Hunt who opened the morning festivities with a short presentation on the history of hounds and hunting in Virginia. Tours of the historic home, built in 1827, (seecarolinefirst.org) were conducted by docents attired in 18th century garb. Members of the hunt, many attired in scarlet, along with joint Masters of The Foxhounds, Bob and Elizabeth Ferrer, soon joined the guests in the huge cathedral tent on the lawn of Mulberry Place. Guests also enjoyed the art show displayed by local Caroline artist, Barbara Byrd. “Hunt Breakfast” of Eggs Chasseur, Ham, Roast beef and fruits were served by the staff of D&J Catering. Susan Sili opened the program welcoming guests with a quick overview of county history, size and geography and how it relates to the legislative districts. Sili pointed out that as late as the 60s and 70s when she was growing up, Caroline was not considered Northern Virginia but was still referred to as part of the “magical land of the Tidewater”. Even today, she continued the county seat and terrain along the Rappahannock are grouped into the 99th Legislative District much of which is in the Northern Neck. Sili then talked about the “flats” and the area of Dawn which county legend says was the home of the Pamunkey Indian Queen in pre-revolutionary times. She added, “A place represented with great love and fondness in the 97th District by Delegate Chris Peace.”

Speaking about the primary growth area on Caroline’s western corridor she said, “the potential here to grow is simply amazing and went on to say, “When I interviewed L. J. Moyer for the feature on our program L.J. said, “I don’t sell homes, I sell a lifestyle”. Sili went on to point out that the number one reason new folks give for moving to our community is the rural atmosphere and beauty that is Caroline County. Sili asked the candidates for their help in assisting “us to grow where we need to grow in our primary growth area and to preserve the places and pursuits that he witnessed at the event.”

Jeff Sili spoke about the mission statement of Caroline Citizens for Responsible Government. The premise is pretty simple he said, “To elect candidates on the local, state and national level who embody the Virginia principles of fiscal responsibility and limited government and who foster strong, regular communication with the constituent base they represent.” He then introduced Gene Bailey president of Fredericksburg Regional Alliance, the economic development public/private organization for the region. Bailey who has raised over 9 million dollars for regional economic development initiatives gave an overview of the economy and how it related to the Central Virginia region. The event, attended by 120 and entitled “An Autumn Morning in Caroline County,” showcased the business and economic development opportunities of the county as well as history and preservation. Jeff Sili is a former president of the Caroline Chamber of Commerce and former member of the Caroline County School Board. He is currently the representative from the Bowling Green District on the Caroline Board of Supervisors. He represents the county on the Fredericksburg Chamber of Commerce Military Affairs Council, Redco, and is liaison to Ft. A. P Hill and both incorporated towns, Bowling Green and Port Royal.

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