Working for Caroline’s Future


The Sparta Cell Tower

 Broadband in the Bowling Green District

An initiative of Verizon, plans for a cell tower in the Sparta area began in 2008 with a rezoning of the Fogg property on Maracossic Road, one of the highest points in the community. In subsequent months the project was put on hold due to the economy, but in 2010 Verizon went forward with a building permit, but unfortunately the project stalled again. While campaigning for reelection in southern Caroline (in the newer part of the recently redrawn Bowling Green District), Jeff meet Verizon Engineer, Roland Holcomb who was familiar with the original tower project. Holcomb suggested a petition to convey the community’s interest in the tower and to project the level of usage to Verizon officials. Sili called members of the community together and drew up a petition for folks to sign to show that interest had not waned in better internet and phone service. Petition carriers worked door to door and at local community events and churches and obtained over 400 names. Sili, with help from Senator McDougle’s office, sent the petition to Verizon who were interested enough to revive the project. The tower was completed in November of 2012 and was live by January of the following year, enhancing service within a 6 mile radius.