The Perfect Industry In the Perfect Location

It’s About Business!




On May 21st 2015, Jeff was proud to cut the ribbon on a brand new 6 million dollar investment in the Bowling Green District. “Nothing pleases me more”said Sili, “than to support efforts to locate businesses which are compatible with the various land uses in rural Caroline.” Compatible business in rural areas is an often over looked part of the economic development engine needed to fuel the county. This property was a former sawmill and required no infrastructure or pay out from citizen tax dollars, so it was indeed the perfect industry in the perfect location. It was a win, win to vote to bring them to Caroline. This served the dual objective of creating jobs and revenue in the positive.” The John Rock Sawmill Company began 42 years ago in a family garage in Pennsylvania. Now serving many fortune 500 companies, John Rock has become a recognized leader in quality and competitive pricing in wooden pallet production. The company produces new pallets, heat treated pallets, GMA pallets, custom wooden pallets and recycled and re manufactured wooden pallets. John Rock’s manufacturing facility in Pennsylvania is located in the largest industrial manufacturing corridor in the United States. With a company owned fleet of late model tractor trailers, their location allows them to achieve three day delivery for regular customers. In 1997, John Rock and Company was purchased by employee Bill MacCauley who kept the founders name and renamed it John Rock Inc. They employ 200 people which includes 25 jobs at the Caroline County facility.


It’s About Business!