The Hunt Breakfast at Red Barn View

“Hunt Breakfast” at Red Barn View  in honor of Senate Candidate Delegate Ryan McDougle.


In 2005, a beautiful fall morning event brings future Senator Ryan McDougle and his family to Caroline pictured here with Chris Peace. Just a few months later, Peace was elected to fill the delegate seat, vacated when McDougle was elected to fill the senate seat of Bill Bolling.

Both special elections followed within weeks of each other when Bolling was elected Lt. Governor.

The event was sponsored by Bill and Eileen Beach and Jeff and Susan Sili at the Sili home, Red Barn View in the county seat, Bowling Green. Friends of the Sili’s, acting as staff, Trish and Doug Hill and Dr. Suzanne Sumner wear aprons that say “McDougle For Virginia and await the arrival of the Caroline Hunt. By 10 a.m. the horses and hounds are headed for Red Barn View on Travis Street and Hunt Master Col. Robert N. Ferrer gathers them in as they approach the front yard.

The hounds are amazing, well trained and stay close in, responding to signals from the master and hunt staff.

Guests included Stuart Hargrove and his wife Lynn from Hanover County and Angela Kelly Wiecek who is now on the Hanover Board of Supervisors. Other guests included conservative blog host and activist, Shaun Kenney and his wife Melissa, Caroline Clerk of the Court Ray S. Campbell Jr, and his wife Kim and Delegate Bobby Orrock who represents Caroline in the Woodford area.

With a clever use of each room in their home, including the garage, the house was turned into a multi-room restaurant  with Hunt theme throughout.  When asked where the regular household furniture was the Sili’s admitted to storing it all “In the barn!”. This made room for 40 couples who enjoyed, the menu which included Eggs Chassuer with Bacon, Apple Bread Pudding, Amaretto French Toast, Fresh Fruit and homemade rolls. Serving in the garage was none other than local bank Vice-President, Georgia Willis. The event raised $5,000 for the McDougle for Senate campaign and is the first one in support of the Senator to be.


Lynn Hargrove chats with Angela Kelly Wicek and her mother in the front yard of Red Barn View,


The Honorable Christopher Killen Peace (Delegate 97th) and his lovely wife, Ashley.


Carroll Elliott and his wife, Nancy, pictured with Vikki Hanley from Bowling Green


Senator Ryan McDougle and Delegate Chris Peace with Caroline Master of the Foxhounds, Bob Ferrer.


Conservative Blog Host, Shaun Kenney and his wife, Melissa.


Caroline Clerk of the Circuit Court, The Honorable Ray S. Campbell Jr. and his wife, Kim.


B.L. and Mike Trahos of Mulberry Place spend time with Patti Driver.

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