Communicate, Participate!

A Campaign Promise made in 2007 has continued through both my terms–to hold regular Town Hall meetings to talk about issues in Caroline County Virginia and beyond. Since then we have outgrown several buildings, but I will hold meetings wherever I am welcome. The first “Town Halls” were held in the Sparta Volunteer Fire Department. Since attendees now number over 75 and growing, we are currently meeting at Salem Church on Sparta Road.

Spring 2019 Constituent Meeting

Caption: Featured were representatives from the Parent Resource Center of Caroline County Public Schools and Caroline’s Promise, a program which has become a vibrant force in mentoring youth throughout the county

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In order to facilitate the schedules of those who come straight from work, dinner is provided (NOT paid for by county tax dollars) at 6 and meetings start at 6:30. The public is invited via ads in the newspaper, social media (facebook and twitter) and a direct mail postcard. All meetings begin with a primer on obtaining and finding a board packet and an agenda for Board of Supervisor Meetings. Other opening discussions include how to request a DVD of meetings which are videotaped, how to contact your supervisor and detailed discussions of how tax dollars are budgeted and spent on schools, public safety and utilities and how they relate to one another.

Citizens from all districts are welcome and as the county Supervisor, I, not staff conduct the meetings and stay until all questions have been answered. Occasionally there are guest speakers which can include school board members, state and national elected officials and leaders from Ft. A.P. Hill. Pictures here include those taken in 2012, when we celebrated the community wide effort to bring broadband to the southern part of the Bowling Green District with the activation of the Sparta Cell Tower. In 2013, we talked school renovation and referendum questions with School Board Chairman Nancy Carson. To be added to our list, please send us a contact form or call 804-633-9084. Meetings will also be posted on the calendar found on this web site.

Effective Government Starts with Informed Citizens!

2015 Town Hall Meeting Schedule March 26, 2015

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